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Same-Day On-Demand Services

We provide same-day shipping and door-to-door courier services within Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa & Arizona Statewide. When you need immediate delivery of recurring orders, both you and your customers can rely on Arizona Delivery Services.
·         Point-to-Point Delivery
·         Scheduled Services
·         Expedite Services
·         Strategic Stocking
Non-Stop Direct:

The driver is immediately dispatched for pick up and proceeds directly without additional stops to your delivery point.

Pick up and delivery within 90 minutes or less.

Pick up and delivery in 3 hours.
Out of Area:

Hot Shots for long-distance deliveries.
Scheduled and Routed:

A dedicated driver makes all stops for your daily scheduled pick ups and routes.

Printing/Marketing Communications Delivery Solutions from Arizona Delivery Services

From a single can of custom-blended ink; to overnight trades how newspapers distributed to all of the significant event hotels; to a truckload of brochures for your Fortune 500 customer, Arizona Delivery Services has been making time-sensitive and last-minute deliveries of printing supplies and marketing communications literature for more than 20 years.
We don’t just pick up and deliver, we know how important printed communications materials are to your customers. These items are critical in product launch campaigns, trade shows and publicity events, ensuring that prospects have something tangible to remember when they return to their home office. If these materials don’t arrive on time, or if they’re not perfect, opportunities can be lost.
Of course, it’s not always easy to meet these demands as your clients often make last-minute changes and expect you to deliver the next day.
Why wait for tomorrow? If it’s a last-minute change to a proof that must be viewed in hard copy, a single box of data sheets, or a pallet of brochures, get them there today with the industry expert.

Retail Delivery Solutions from Arizona Delivery Services

We work with some of the largest retail concerns in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Tempe & Arizona. Whatever business your in, and wherever your customers might be, the odds are that we’ve dealt with your types of items thousands of times:
Home Improvement and Construction Supplies
Computers, HDTVs and Other High-Value Electronics
High-End Clothing and Fashion
Home and Office Furnishings
Merchandise Displays
Restaurant Equipment
VIP Event Tickets
…..and much more.
Some of the services that we provide for our retail clients include:
Same Day Residential and Site Delivery of Home Improvement Supplies
Store to Store Movement of Merchandise and Displays
Interoffice Paperwork and Mail
Freight Break and Distribution of Electronics to Retail Outlets Within a Given Service Area
Forward Stocking and Warehousing
Setup and Restocking of Store Displays
Direct Rush Trucking of Large Items
Same Day Delivery of Clothing and Fashion to Hi Wealth Clients

Banking, Retail & Printing & More

Time Sensitive Delivery Solutions for Banking and Financial Clients In Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale and Arizona

Hundreds of Banks and Financial Services Institutions have trusted Arizona Delivery Services with their same-day and time-critical delivery requirements:
Check Runs
Scheduled and On Demand Bank Bag Deliveries
Negotiable and Non-Negotiable Instruments
Lock Boxes
Time-Sensitive Documentation and Filings
Materials, Equipment and Supplies
On-Demand and Routed
Retail, Private, Institutional and Commercial
Services for High Wealth Management and Private Banking Clients
Since Many of These Deliveries Involve Very Sensitive Information or Negotiable Instruments, We Subject Our Drivers to the Highest Levels of Investigation and Make Sure That They’re Recognized:
Drivers Must Pass 10 Year Background and Criminal Check
Uniformed Drivers with ID Badges in Late Model, Marked Vehicles
Bonded and Insured

Delivery Solutions for Legal and Professional Services

Whether it’s deadline filings, last-minute contract changes or modified building plans needed to clinch a land deal, Arizona Courier Services has reliably completed time-sensitive deliveries of paperwork, documentation and other materials for more than twenty-five years; we can serve all your needs in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale and Arizona.

With our Office and Courthouse Services, we ensure that parties are properly served, and that your documents, site and building plans are duly recorded. We’ll ensure that you get a receipt, date stamped copies and that nominal filing and clerk fees are paid. We’ll even make copies of 400-500 page filings if needed.
Our drivers and messengers are easily recognized by their uniforms and badges, and have passed full background and criminal checks.
In addition to on-demand pickup and delivery for plans and filings, we also provide on-demand, scheduled and routed services between your locations for interoffice mail and other needs.
When you want to make sure that your mission-critical documents are not only picked up and delivered, but also properly served, received and filed; you want to make sure that Arizona Courier Services.

​Environmental Delivery Solutions from Arizona Courier Services
Whenever you’re out working a site, the one thing that you can count on is the unexpected.

You hit a chemical hot spot and don’t have the right PPE or instrument to get a handle on what species it is, and your local supplier can get it to you for several hours. There was an unexpected spill or breach and you don’t have the right containment gear.
The pump in your air monitoring equipment failed, and so it goes.
If you’re an analytical lab, your clients may have STAT samples ready for pickup, but your drivers are already out; or perhaps your client needs a certificate of analysis delivered on-site before work can proceed.
Routine and STAT Samples
Analytical Reports
Test Equipment
Monitoring and Analytical Instrumentation
HazMat Supplies
Containment and Remediation Materials