About Us​

Same Day and Hot Shot Service

Arizona Delivery Services is an independent courier. We are also the fastest courier service in Phoenix. From envelopes to Containers, we can do it all.

If you want your items to be delivered safely and on time, choose us! 
Arizona Delivery Services has been providing extensive courier delivery and moving services.  Our priority is to serve our clients, mitigating the stress from moving or shipping. We can efficiently and safely ship or transport all your items. We are an experienced team of professional couriers that will make your transportation smooth and secure.
We are the courier company which is always near you.
Our company offers a delivery solution for every type of business and industry needs. The size and type of item does not matter. We can handle everything including:
Manufacturing parts and freight delivery
Medical and pharmaceutical products and supplies delivery
Court Filings and legal document courier
Banking and Financial Institution documents courier
Passport and VISA document courier
Consulate materials courier
Architectural surveys and blueprints courier
Printing and graphic documents delivery
Job site materials delivery